Mission Statement

Cody James Ministries travels the country sharing the word of God through personal testimony and music. CJM’s Mission focus has always been Jails, but often other opportunities arise that take the Ministry into prisons, recovery groups, churches, concert venues, radio and town meetings, and to our military and their families. Though Cody had been traveling full time with the ministry since his ordination in 2007, and often to the state of Minnesota and its Co jails; in the summer of 2010, God moved on Cody’s heart to focus on every county jail in the state of Minnesota. In order to keep family his first ministry, he had to uproot & move them the 700 miles from their southern home to the mission field. Shortly after the move took place, God performed a miracle by creating an opportunity in the form of an invitation by the MN Sheriffs association for Cody James Ministries to officially address every County Sherriff, administrator, and Jail Program Coordinator in the state at 3 different out of town conferences. This is what God used to allow Cody to build the relationships that would gain the ministry access to every Jail, 82 in all. Cody, his wife Jamie, daughter Raegyn, and son Jeremiah now reside in Cambridge, Minnesota.


Cody, his family, & team work very hard at financing this missionary venture in real-time, while in the mission field by speaking at Sunday morning Church services when invited, and performing musical concerts along the way for love offerings. Currently, 4 churches support this mission on a monthly basis, 3 in Minnesota, 1 in Iowa totaling $650.00 per month. Other, monthly support comes from ex-inmates CJM has encountered along the way, board members & private citizens who believe in the mission.

It is our mission at Cody James Ministries to take the gospel message of Jesus Christ into the world with a combination of original music and the personal testimony of Cody James. Here at Cody James Ministries, we travel all over the United States ministering and reaching people in a variety of venues for example; churches, prisons, recovery centers, and much more.