About Us


​Here at Cody James Ministries, we consider ourselves a Blue Flame Ministry, the Blue Flame being the Purest. The Ministry is about taking the songs and testimony God has placed in my life and having the opportunity to share them with the world. It doesn’t matter where I go; whether it is, Churches, Concert’s, Jails/Prisons, Recovery events, radio or TV shows, the message is always strong having one thing leading it: ‘Jesus Loves us and came to free us’; and when this message becomes real in our hearts and lives, we then have an obligation to pass it on. Not all are called to be Missionary’s or Evangelists like myself, but we are called to be that Light and disciples of Jesus to the world, when and wherever we may go. What this Ministry does depends on the needs that are brought to us. My team and I spend the majority of our time on the road.

My wife Jamie and I are often called to minister in churches. With our once weak and struggling lives and worldly relationship, we had nowhere to go but down and it was a fast descent. Our testimonies help us to connect with people with the same temptations and struggles we once faced, drugs, alcohol, anger, to name a few; but as God was eventually invited into our lives and became the centerpiece, we now have a strong partnership. Having God become the leader of our lives and talents has shown us that no matter what obstacle we are faced with that we can, and will stand together as one. My wife and I are blessed with three beautiful children and a strong marriage. Many times its Jamie that is the one to help me stay grounded and covered with prayer.

Many times, we perform full band concerts. I am blessed to have a team of dedicated and extremely talented Christian musicians that Minister with me on these occasions. These people fully understand that though they are gifted, that God is more interested in obedience than talent. Knowing where our talents come from help us use them to their fullest. So, if rocking out with God sounds interesting, wait until you hear us play.

I urge you to take a look around the website and take in all it has to offer. Read bio’s, listen to music, watch video’s, get Bible study tips, read the latest blogs, leave your comments and prayer requests as it says in the Bible that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. (Matt. 18:19) Get to know us and help us to know you, so we can serve you better and by doing so, Serve our Lord Jesus Christ.
In Gods service and yours,
Cody and Team