Something I should mention is: People make mistakes, we are all fallible, even Pastors. When I first began attending church, I assumed everyone there had perfect lives and lots of knowledge; in fact, looking back, I believe I expected them to be perfect. I was quickly let down along with some hurt feelings. What I discovered was most of the people there were like me, (desiring Gods love, and fellowship with other believers) just at different levels of maturity in our knowledge of God (our walk with Jesus). We should love, respect, support and pray for our church leaders and each other, but never expect anyone to have all the answers all the time; that’s too much to put on any one person or group of people. I eventually learned this lesson in its completion when it was me that was the one who was expected to be perfect for a new believer, OUCH! People don’t always mean to, but will sometimes let you down; God will never let you down. Do as the Bible says and counsel with those whose knowledge and position you respect but always seek God and His word for the final answer or approval. It’s alright to follow people, just be sure they are following Jesus. I pray that our Savior Jesus reveals Himself to you in a mighty way as you start this new journey in your life,

this journey to Heaven.

Be Blessed,

Cody James


A Note from Cody